The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has been around for almost two centuries. It has ebbed and fluctuated in such a predictably adaptive manner throughout it's relatively short life in the religious realm. This Church has a very sordid past, which it does a very good job of teaching for itself, whether the history is slanted or not, is yours to decide. Join me on a journey through the history of the LDS Church through the eyes of the people that were actually there. We will learn about the founding members, where the practices came from, where the Book of Mormon (Mormon Bible) came from, and most importantly, we will examine Joseph Smith in every aspect possibly available to us today.

On this episode, John C. Wreck-it Bennett’s leaving the church, Nauvoo Legion, and city government left a massive vacuum in his absence. James Gordon Bennett and James Arlington Bennet are appointed to offices to fill his place. We discuss who these guys were, how they found out about Mormonism, and what their places were within the movement after Wreck-it Bennett left.



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James Arlington Bennet biography

Letter from Arlington Bennet

James Gordon Bennett

Susan Easton Black Nauvoo University 1841-45

Historical Study of the Nauvoo, Illinois, Public School System by Paul Thomas Smith

Nauvoo Legion leadership ranks

History of the Saints by John C. Bennett

James Gordon Bennett’s 1831 Report on “The Mormonites” by Leonard Arrington

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